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Everybody knows in Elk City our economy, for better or worse, is tied to the oil patch.  Luckily, our housing market has been extremely resilient in the wake of $40.00 per barrel oil.  Our Achilles heel- a lack of sufficient lots in which to build new construction homes- has been our saving grace.  We did not over build because we could not, leading to questions of home value.  So, what is your house in Elk City worth now, as opposed to 2 years ago?  Well, it is worth less, however, not that much less.  If you bought around 5 years ago you are more than likely still in the green, excepting one looming factor.  Is your home up to date?  Does it have shag carpet or gold fixtures?  Paneling or popcorn ceilings?  This major factor is what has changed the…

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