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The 80’s had some high points- there was Bon Jovi, Regan, and Back to the Future. However, the 80’s era homes were pretty scary. Scary is the first word that comes to mind when someone asks me to come look at their dated 1980’s home. Traditionally, 80’s homes have few windows, short ceilings, dark walls, dark wood work, tons of carpet, wall paper, bad texture, and lots of walls creating a dark, dingy cave feeling. It doesn’t have to be scary- it can be clean, crisp, and even modern. I have often said that a home built in 1962 is sometimes more updated than a home built in 1982, as far as visuals go. So, what do you do if you have that 1980 monster to sell? Or maybe you just want to add value to it? First, you need to call me and my team! We can help, even…

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