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Under Pricing your Home is bad as Overpricing your it. 


I have been in real estate now 15 years (wow part of this makes me sad because I am now dangerously approaching being middle age) but on the bright side, I can now site my experience instead of saying, “it was in an article I read.”  I have railed for years that over pricing and underpricing your home is one of the worse mistakes you can make.  I did not come to this conclusion by myself- it is well documented by experts in real estate, and there are hundreds of articles written every year decreeing the simple fact that overpriced homes do not sell well.   Underpricing your home is less documented and less talked about but can be just as detrimental as over pricing it.        



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Safety Scare, 

There is more to Real Estate than just selling houses.  

If you have a gas hot water heater, please read my scare.

I was at my home with grandkids when my daughter came in and said the house smelled like gas.  We called the gas company and my daughter took the kids to her home.  The Natural Gas Technician came and we figured out when the kids were horsing around they had turned on the gas stove top, so that was a relief.

The Technician decided to go ahead and check everything else out.  He found my hot water heater vent that takes the carbon monoxide out thru the roof was down.  How scary is that, the carbon monoxide was coming in my house!!  The technician said, “a lot of times if you have your roof replaced or any work done…

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The 80’s had some high points- there was Bon Jovi, Regan, and Back to the Future. However, the 80’s era homes were pretty scary. Scary is the first word that comes to mind when someone asks me to come look at their dated 1980’s home. Traditionally, 80’s homes have few windows, short ceilings, dark walls, dark wood work, tons of carpet, wall paper, bad texture, and lots of walls creating a dark, dingy cave feeling. It doesn’t have to be scary- it can be clean, crisp, and even modern. I have often said that a home built in 1962 is sometimes more updated than a home built in 1982, as far as visuals go. So, what do you do if you have that 1980 monster to sell? Or maybe you just want to add value to it? First, you need to call me and my team! We can help, even…

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I am extremely proud of my team’s achievements at WOR.  Due to our many loyal and wonderful clients, we led several months this year in total volume!  We ended 2017 spectacularly- our team had the highest volume month of any office through the entire year in Beckham County! 

 And thank you to our great property owners in Washita County- we sold twice as much as our closest competitor and remain number one in the Washita County market!  Thank you WOR clients for helping us finish in the top 100 real estate offices in the state with over $20,000,000 (twenty million!!) in sales. It was truly a team effort with 5 agents in the top 15 of Beckham County.  Looking forward to 2018 and the many changes we have in store. 


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Thank God there was not any more loss in life than there was.  I wonder how so many people made it riding it out in a closet/bathroom etc.  Where do I start?  I believe the tornado just hit the Reset Button for many things concerning real estate.  There was just one lot left at the Country Club before the tornado, now there are several and more to come, as soon folks settle with their insurance.  Several older residents have taken this time to downsize and sell their lots.  Many younger residents who had bought elsewhere in town will now be able to find a lot to build on.   Some residents decided to move on and buy elsewhere, but most are building back and most are building back bigger and better.  I believe Eagle Circle is going to look more upper end…

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While looking at real estate in the towns of Weatherford, Clinton, Sayre, Canute and/or Elk City during the Labor Day weekend, you might want to stop and enjoy the Friday night Football games.  Merritt has a home game on Friday, September 1; Clinton has a home game versus Woodward on Friday; Sayre has a home game versus Mooreland on Friday; however, Elk City will be playing at Frederick on Friday night. 

Elk City doesn’t have a home game, but the 79th Rodeo of Champions is at the Beutler Brothes Arena in Ackley Park and will begin at 8:00 P.M.  on September 1.  This is a PRCA rodeo and has the following 7 events:  bareback, tie down roping; steer wrestling, saddle bronc, team roping, women’s barrel racing, and bull riding. 

On Saturday September 2,…

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Everybody knows in Elk City our economy, for better or worse, is tied to the oil patch.  Luckily, our housing market has been extremely resilient in the wake of $40.00 per barrel oil.  Our Achilles heel- a lack of sufficient lots in which to build new construction homes- has been our saving grace.  We did not over build because we could not, leading to questions of home value.  So, what is your house in Elk City worth now, as opposed to 2 years ago?  Well, it is worth less, however, not that much less.  If you bought around 5 years ago you are more than likely still in the green, excepting one looming factor.  Is your home up to date?  Does it have shag carpet or gold fixtures?  Paneling or popcorn ceilings?  This major factor is what has changed the…

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Did you know that 31% of homebuyers in the US are millennials?

I was recently reading an article that spoke about millennial buyers in our market. What I found interesting is that there’s no mention of what this means for sellers, so here’s my take on it:

  • Most millennials are not looking for a fixer-upper. Making modern updates, like adding new fixtures, to your home will not only raise your home’s value, but make it desirable to this group.
  • Transitioning rooms into spaces that can function as home offices that these young buyers can envision themselves working in, rather than focusing on things like nurseries, is one way to make your home relevant towards their needs.
  • Millennials are looking to make an investment through their first home, so…
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It has become ever more increasing to meet with sellers to go over the value of their home before placing it on the market, and they have already done some home work with Zillow obtaining a "Zestimate."  Part of the time Zillow has been relatively close, but more often than not Zillow has missed it significantly.    There are three glaring reasons why Zillow just can't get it.  Zillow does not take into consideration the properties LOCATION.  Zillow does not take into consideration the properties CONDITION.  Zillow does not take into consideration the properties UPGRADES.  If you have bought the immaculate house that over looks the park with granite everything, hard wood flooring, walk in tile shower and plantation shutters, then you are out of luck,…

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