Safety Scare, 

There is more to Real Estate than just selling houses.  

If you have a gas hot water heater, please read my scare.

I was at my home with grandkids when my daughter came in and said the house smelled like gas.  We called the gas company and my daughter took the kids to her home.  The Natural Gas Technician came and we figured out when the kids were horsing around they had turned on the gas stove top, so that was a relief.

The Technician decided to go ahead and check everything else out.  He found my hot water heater vent that takes the carbon monoxide out thru the roof was down.  How scary is that, the carbon monoxide was coming in my house!!  The technician said, “a lot of times if you have your roof replaced or any work done the vent could get moved, causing poor ventilation. 






Being in Real Estate for over 20 years I always look to see if the hot water heaters are gas or electric, but I never look to make sure they are vented properly. 

So please check your vent pipe and make sure it is in place.  I suggest calling a plumber.  If it is gas there should be a fresh air intake, as well. 



Deedra Watson